So who’s still around these days?

Mostly I’m on Tumblr 🙂

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  1. second_batgirl says:


  2. kaygigi says:

    I’m considering coming back because I have a lot of shit in my head that I kinda don’t want on Facebook. Hmm.

  3. katancelt says:

    I always check here. I used to be on tumblr more, but with wedding stuff I’ve been reading stuff like Offbeat Bride instead. I totally know this is just because we’re alone out here and are planning it ourselves, and reading stuff replaces talking to people about it, haha, so I’ll probably be on tumblr again afterwards. (Assuming I don’t start obsessively reading posts about babies…)

  4. lost_logic says:

    Sometimes I check-in. 🙂

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