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  • Tue, 23:29: RT @ChrisWarcraft: Now if Graves can win his race against Bachmann, a little more sanity might return to the world.
  • Tue, 23:31: RT @annavanvalin: Wait – this is all projected right? I’m not ready to not be worried yet.
  • Wed, 00:14: Legalized weed in Colorado, gay marriage in a few states, and Obama’s 2nd term…certain factions must be preparing for the apocalypse.
  • Wed, 00:14: RT @WhoopiGoldberg: We as Americans have work to do&we dont have time 4 bullshit & we don’t have time 4 ur bullshit.Prez.Obama …
  • Wed, 00:35: RT @grantpa: Here’s the difference to me: Barack Obama’s story is only possible in America. Mitt Romney’s story is possible in Game of T …
  • Wed, 00:37: RT @LOLGOP: Fox News is now discussing Colorado’s Prop 64 by explaining what a marijuana is.
  • Wed, 00:48: RT @DannyAyalon: מברך את ×”× ×©×™× אובאמה והעם האמריקאי על בחירתו ×œ×›×”×•× ×” × ×•×¡×¤×ª. ×”× ×©×™× אובאמה, בסיבוב ×”×©× ×™, יהיה × ×©×™× מצוין לישראל.
  • Wed, 00:50: RT @ChrisWarcraft: Rove doesn’t understand why they don’t have the Latino vote. Also confused on gravity, why we don’t breathe water.
  • Wed, 00:57: RT @annavanvalin: Romney can’t even create a job for himself. #Election2012
  • Wed, 00:58: RT @annavanvalin: My motto for the next 48 hours. @fivethirtyeight

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