My day…thus far…

Subject: My day…thus far…

Date: Monday 1/6/03 12:45:00 PM


Yeah, I just got back from the dentist (not the Oral Surgeon) who cleaned my teeth and stuff. When the were trying to take and X-ray of my mouth I puked in their garbage can >.< but hey, at least I *MADE* it into the garbage can which (I believe) shows remarkable consideration on my part.

Anyways, allow me to post about my day thus far.

I go to bed at about 3:00AM, then my mom calls down and wakes me up at like 7:00, I wake up and get my butt out of bead at around 7:10 and do stuff. My younger brother Sam leaves for school at 7:30 and at 8:00 mom and I make it to the diner so we can have some breakfast. The thing is, is that after 9:30AM I can’t eat for the rest of the day, as I have to fast for the surgery and I can’t eat after the stuff that they give you at the dentist ::sigh:: when this is over I want to go to Friendlys!, and who knows, maybe we’ll get the same waitress 😉

Anyways, while I was explaining to my dentist the glory that is beer pong, he was more than happy to give me a few pointers and hten told me about his beer pong playing days (“fill some of the cups up with urine” – what can I say, he has class…real class).

– Matan

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